Backstage photoshoot at the biggest show in Greece J2US, always happy to be here 🤍

Photos @mrkarlovits ❤️

BTS of my new campaign @boldbyangelique
‘Jewellery.An art in progress.’
More exciting things are coming up this year!
Stay Tuned!!🖤

I was lucky to have met this man @eilirjani
His vast talent, beautiful big heart & great sense of humour, filled my heart❤️
Walking for my art show at @athensfashionweekofficial
was just a dream. He filled the stage with his sassy attitude! This is what BOLD is all about!
Wearing my @boldbyangelique jewellery was such an honour 🫶🏼

Getting ready for our big day!
Because all you need is love, sweet love 🕊️❤️🤍

I’d love seeing the world from a different angle…🖤

Lilac for a beautiful spring day 💜

Diamonds are the new sexy💎

Feeling good in my @boldbyangelique high jewellery collection in 18K with VSS1 diamonds

Being loved & respected is the thing that makes me happy!❤️How about you guys??
Share the things that make you happy! xx

Me & @boldbyangelique are celebrating the !!🕊️

I’m wearing pieces from the Exclusive high jewellery collection-18K & VVS1

Loving all kind of cliché❤️
Happy Valentine’s Day with hearts & diamonds @iordanisjewelry

Love is what makes the ride
worthwhile. - Franklin P. Jones

Happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow & the day after & all the days of the year xx❣️

Fine Sustainable Jewlery @boldbyangelique for Him & Her in 18k with VSS1 diamonds


I get really excited and happy when I’m surrounded by the Christmas holiday spirit ✨💕🎄 what about you?

When your boyfriend takes these pics with his phone, I just need to post them!
Love this man❤️

Dress @nikolaidi_filitsa

At @hotelgrandebretagne on Friday for the charity gala of Princess Ekaterini of Serbia.
The joy of offering with @lifelinehellas ❤️

As a sponsor & donator my family & my @boldbyangelique company attended the annual Christmas Gala. My beautiful models roamed the ballroom with my creations, and I felt overwhelmed, blessed & happy for this important event.

Communication & PR @jgk_associates @kazanidisg
Styling of my models @nikolaidi_filitsa
Makeup @freddykalobratso
Hair @giorgoskatsiginis
Thank you all for everything!

I’m giving amazing ideas that will create the most chic Christmas decoration in your home. Christmas decorations by

Pastels kind of day🍭

Happy 1rst of May 💚💙

I prefer living in color 🍏

Dream big and sparkle more.

Just a poser…🙄🙄😜

Bold color statement ❤️💖

Decided to add some color to my life (& feed)

When women support each other, incredible things happen ❤️
@stylemeligan & I for @boldbyangelique fine jewelry collection

Happy International
Women’s Day!!
It’s a big day - a time when we celebrate the myriad achievements of women and advocate for greater gender equality.👊🏼

Excellence in each detail @dior

Wednesday got me like…🪶

Ancient Greek but sporty chic, in a silk gold dreamy dress @dior 💫

It’s definitely a vibe…
@dior VIBE

Total look @dior

Sporty chic vibes on a beautiful sunny Sunday
by @dior only

‘Deep in every heart slumbers a dream and the couturier knows it: every woman is a princess’ - Christian Dior

Feeling like a princess J’adore @dior 💙

The perfect golden hour
in @dior 💙

I’m a very simple complicated woman.

Full look @dior

Simple is elegance @dior

Couldn’t be more blessed, when people I admire, honor me with their presence at my first jewelry fashion show @axdw_fashionweek & truly blessed to be part of my life 🙏🏼❤️

Reaching for the stars 🌟
with the new @dior Chez Moi Zodiac loungewear collection! In loveee once again💙

Warm sand & @dior

Spending the final September warmer days on the beach!

Favorite color combo!
What’s yours?

Early dinner o’clock

Hi guys & happy Friday!!Welcoming fall with happy colors💚

Summer vibes in fall🧡
Trying desperately to hold on to summer for a little bit longer 🙃

My first look for the @dior show in Athens.
Inspired by the colors of my country🇬🇷💙

Happy weekend xx

Words can not describe the pride & joy of this honor!!

Christian Dior is showcasing its live Cruise ‘22 collection in Athens, after 60 years of Mr Dior’s iconic photoshoot in Acropolis🇬🇷

‘Dior Celebrates Greece’ for our 200 years independence anniversary!!
Thank you for inviting me into such an important show💙🇬🇷

Stay tuned ✨

Retro chic

Floral mood today 🌸

A new beautiful 5 star boutique hotel, has opened its doors at Kifisia,Attica and I immediately fell in love with its decor and natural light❤️

I highly recommend its restaurant. The food is amazing!!

On my birthday I wanted to experience something different & unique.
@luxury_picnic_ made this possible by arranging for me a sunset picnic by the sea. What an amazing experience it was!! Thank you guys 💕

Beautiful birthday cake by @candyscaravan
Check out the video at the end!

Why so serious?🙃

Athens by night .
BTW how beautiful is Acropolis at night??

Do you hear the summer calling??
That summer feeling, when you really want to lay under the sun, but unfortunately it’s still spring weather...for me anyway 🙃

@dior Riviera collection
Because summer is around the corner ❤️ TBT

My usual self at the end🙈

Girl boss mood today

So proud of what I’ve achieved so far and so excited about the future ❤️
Beautiful things are coming.

Favorite position, different look🕊short hair🤍

Green my day🥬
Favorite color of 2021

Starting the week with something girly 🕊

Happy Monday xx

In case you need some color in your feed 🙃🥦🍓

Have a beautiful weekend beautiful people xx

Waiting for my lunch date.
Not a huge fan of waiting...can you relate?🙃

Black & white structural look @loewe &

Absolutely proud of my fine jewelry @boldbyangelique luxury collection.
Pieces from my ‘Abundance’ custom-made only collection

MAY the odds be ever in your favor @maxmara

Happy 1rst of May my beautiful people💕

As the night falls, feeling bold in neon 🙃

Days well spend 💕

Always mixing up colors these days!
Have a beautiful beautiful day xx

This place gets me😊every time @fsathens
Blending in with my beautiful surroundings. 🍃

Have a beautiful Sunday xx

Currently living for spring

Happy Friday xx

What’s hanging?

Eating or wearing your veggies?🤓

Stepping into a moody but colorful Sunday 💙💜

Sending you all my love and positive vibes xx

There’s something about the ocean, that makes me feel at peace 🕊

Happy weekend xx

‘Sunsets are proof that endings are often beautiful too’ -Beau Taplin

Getting ready for the @dior Fall 2021 digital fashion show today.
Stay tuned in my stories to watch it first live! ❤️xx

Feeling tiny & humble near the ocean, as life never stops and so must we.

Thank you so much for your beautiful messages during difficult days🙏🏼❤️

Alright your thing💕
Happy Monday guys xx

PASTEL obsessed
Sorry? Not sorry!!😄

Love a great spring color combination & beautiful weather💚
how about you? xx

How about some mood boosting color blocking?

Happy Friday guys xx🍭

Highlight the important things in life.
Neon your day.

Trying to stand tall in any situation given 🤍

Creamy white palette for Sundays xx

I’m happy to report that my inner child is still ageless.🤘🏼😁

Christian Dior Cruise 2020
Home édition défilée

Jungle fever with Dior Cruise 2020
Home édition défilée

Inspired by the recent
Christian Dior fashion show,
I’ll be posting a few of my favorite Dior looks from past collections.
Hope you’ll love these as much as I do❤️

Nothing but blue skies

Happy Tuesday xx💙

Lost where the wifi is weak

Finding beauty in everything green 🌿

Happy weekend xx

Favorite habit ☀️

Have a beautiful day x

Chan(n)el-ing my outer space alter ego 🪐

It’s all a matter of perspective
(Old saying but always on point🤓)
Did you enjoy Yesterday’s @dior A/W fashion show??!

“Feminism isn’t about making women strong. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength.”
– G.D. Anderson
Happy international women’s day, my beautiful women out there❤️xx

Do yourself a favor, and love you a little bit more each day. You deserve the world!
You matter every single day❤️

Kick back, relax and watch tomorrow the @dior Autumn/Winter 2021-22 fashion show!
Details in my stories x

Starting the weekend with something casual

My dress up video🤍
Look @dior
Perfume @dior

Happy Saturday beautiful people❤️xx

Resting position

Details new @dior Spring/Summer 21

Thankful for sunny days @dior

Office glam. When you need to make an opening statement..!
Glam sandals @sophiawebster

Happy 1rst of March 💜

Sun seeking & how to style warm tones

Took me less than 5’ to create this spring easy-wear kind of safari look.

Stretching it out

My continuous obsession with @dior logomania 🙈
In love with these silk pants. So comfortable & stylish🤍 in and out of the house.
I’m going to wear them a lot!

Our site is up!!
You can find the link at @boldbyangelique & at my stories!!
Browse around our sustainable fine collections, designed by me with love and respect to quality.
The minimalistic designs are ‘Bold’ and yet refined.

Signup to our newsletter and be the first to know about our eShop launch!
Receive a 10% off on your first order as a thank you!❤️🙏🏼

Dior logomania

Details @dior

Caught between seasons
Logo classic collection @dior

Feeling like a modern fairy🤍

There’s something about nature, that makes me feel happy & whole.
Do you feel the same?

Nature never goes out of style♥️

The greatest gift that you can give yourself, is a little bit of your attention.
The greatest gift that you can give to your hair is @balmainhaircouture
Infused with vitamins & argan oil, these products will revitalize your hair and mind, with their fantastic scents!🤍

Happy V-day🎈
Fall in love this Valentine’s day with yourself.
Self-love is not selfish. You can not truly love someone until you know how to love yourself first.❤️

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day?
‘To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness’
-Robert Morley
Well said❤️

The perfect shade of red @louboutinbeauty

The most appropriate (in my opinion) Valentine’s Day luxury gift for yourself❤️ anything to make me feel confident, sexy & why not mysterious..! are you with me??!
Check out my stories & vote if you would like one!!

Coffee brake situation turned into photoshoot 😎

It’s all a matter of perspective.

Standing still

Full look @dior

Winter essential neutrals

Happy weekend beautiful people xx

Omg 100K !! So happy, excited, overwhelmed & thankful for this❤️
You are beautiful people!!
Honestly thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for your love & support through out my journey🤍
My team & I wanted to celebrate, but with the Covid pandemic we did the next best thing!!!
Busted eating 2 entire yummy desserts!!😄
Left some for the rest of our team 😜

Proud of my new @boldbyangeliquetsanis
new collection ‘abstraction’

Sustainable fine jewelry, in 24K yellow & white gold plated pieces.

I would love to hear your thoughts through a Q&A I’ll be doing soon❤️

The site will be ‘live’ soon

Beautiful city lights

In a casual chic look @dior

Those beautiful neutral colors of the

It’s a jungle out there

Happy Sunday xx
Look @dior

Living a green life 🌿

Luxury @athenscapitalhotel part of @mgalleryhotels meets Haute Couture brand @dior .
Beautiful surroundings, decorated with original art works with spectacular views of the city.
A modern luxury hotel in the heart of Athens.
Total look @dior

Heavy thinker 🙃
Mood these days

Mood in a dreamy dress

Tassels and sparkles in a 1920 Great Gatsby era inspired dress. Loveee

My favorite @dior looks for winter

Which one is your favorite?
Let me know 1-8 ? ❤️

Ready to take down your festive decorations?
Me, definitely not!🤭

Pearls & checks
‘You can have anything that you want, if you dress for it’
-Edith Head

New year’s Red.
Because red is passion.
Passion for evolving as a person. For discovering new cities as a traveler. Passion for creation.
And as Denis Diderot said:
“Only passions, great passions, can elevate the soul to great things.” ❤️

Happy New 2021 my beautiful people!!✨✨
May this new year bring you success in every aspect of your life, a great health, and much needed happiness!❤️

Please give yourself a smile and send me a heart ❤️ if you did!!

I would also like to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for your kindness towards me and for following me through my life’s journey, a journey full of fashion,and hopefully🤞🏼soon, travel.
More beautiful things are coming in January!!😉❤️
Stay tuned!

I really haven’t seen anything more beautiful in my life ♥️ @giouzenis
•Bracelet with tourmalines, sapphires and champagne diamonds
•Classic ring with Burma Ruby and diamonds
•Earrings with white sapphires, rubies and diamonds
•Eternity ring with natural multicolored sapphires in rainbow setting

Photo @menelaos.v

Merry Christmas !! ✨✨
Whether you spend Christmas with your family or alone at home, I wish you from the bottom of my heart, good health happiness & most of all strength, to help us all through these difficult times. Remember, better days WILL come🙏🏼❤️

Merry Christmas with @dior

All looks are @dior
Table arrangements @dior

(It was super weird to speak to a microphone for the first time! It took me some time to embrace this😬hope I did ok!)
Video @menelaos.v
Art direction @oneangel.abroad
Associates @boudoir_dennisp & @konstantinos_rs
Mua @roulamarinopoulou

Be adorned with spectacular fine jewelry @giouzenis

Details : Handmade earrings with diamonds, emeralds, pink and blue sapphires.

Big Handmade ring with opaque emerald and diamonds.

Handmade ring with diamonds and a Zambian oval cut emerald

Silk dress @taniachristoforatou

Getting into that festive mood, as Christmas is around the corner ✨

Happy in logomania
Look @dior

In love with this versatile sweater💙

Cozy vibes in the coziest neck warmer @dior

Tea time with @dior

Chez moi -part 2
Different ways to style your Zodiac silk twill pants from the Dior Chez Moi loungewear beautiful collection 🤍
Tip: silk pajama pants are very versatile. You can definitely wear them outside the house with the right accessories, like a cozy sweater and flat or high heeled shoes. Don’t forget your coat!😜😄

Lounging in @dior silk twill pajamas in a zodiac motif

Dior’s first capsule collection entirely dedicated to loungewear, baptized Dior Chez Moi.

Have a beautiful Monday x

A smile is the best accessory

City girl in a full @dior look

Cozy in cozy knits, with a touch of festive red ❤️

Happy 1rst of December guys x

City kind of girl

Full look @dior

Learn to see things from different perspectives.
Have a beautiful weekend x

Full @dior look

My happy place 🤍
What’s yours?

New floral heaven by @dior
Cruise 2020/21

Reading is important @dior

She’s a lady 🤍

Full look @dior

Animal instinct, but high fashion @dior

Ancient Greek architecture buff 🖤 proud 🇬🇷

‘Be strong enough to stand alone. Smart enough to know when you need help. And brave enough to ask for it.’ - Mark Amend

We were never meant to walk alone. Strength comes from leaning into others ❤️
Have a beautiful day x

Today it’s my name-day.
I’ve chosen to post these pics that maybe don’t ‘fit’ very well with my feed or profile. But this is the real me. Sure, I’m serious and professional most of the times, but this is a side of me that I don’t really like to show very often. But today, I said to myself, what the heck! With the fear of Covid lurking around the corner, I’ve decided that it’s ok to be open and vulnerable sometimes ❤️
In fact, it feels a bit liberating not to look ‘ flawless’ all the time.

In Greece name-day celebrations are as huge as birthdays. My parents named me after the Archangels Michael and Gabriel that are celebrated every year on the 8th of November.
But today I’m not celebrating that.
I’m celebrating and appreciate life, laughter, love, good vibes, my health, genuinely good people, great parents, a great brother, silly-fun-full of true laughter and happiness moments in my life, loving associates, being the recipient of a real ‘thank you’, a warm smile, a big hug, all of you that truly make my day with your messages.❤️
I’m thankful for all these and many more every day of my life.

The ordeals that we’re facing with Covid , made me realize 2 things. I don’t really need toxicity in my life and I should appreciate the everyday ‘little’ things more.

So cheers to a happy life that I choose, filled with creativity love and hopefully less stress! 🙄😀
Thank you so much for the love ❤️

PS. Check out the video later to see the result of my jump😄

Home for a few and off to my next big project ❤️

Time to relax and unwind, listening to my favorite music with luxury wireless earphones by @sudio
With up to 35 hours battery
Active noise cancellation
Very light and beautiful designed charging base.
Best sound I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to.
One word. Happy.

“You can wear black at any time. You can wear it at any age. You may wear it for almost any occasion.” — Christian Dior
Couldn’t agree more with Mr Dior. There’s something about black that makes me feel so comfortable. It was my favorite color for years
What’s yours? xx

Strength is in the details

Desert chic vibe 🌵

Looking forward to seeing what life brings to me.
Something new is in the process⚙️
Happy Saturday xx🤍

Sun caressed on a Friday morning
Have a beautiful weekend ☀️💛

‘Time slips through our hands like grains of sand, never to return again’ -Robin Sharma

Room with a view

Sunset. My favorite time of the day.
What’s yours?
Good morning xx

Met this cutest old guy Mrs Nikos in Plaka and he politely let us use his old Vespa. His wonderful manners and kiss on my hand, made my day💚

Sentirsi così italiani oggi 🇮🇹
in my @carolinaherrera dress and necklace💚
Buongiorno guys xx


New and old but always classic @dior

When you find yourself in a situation that doesn’t suit you.
Pause and restart.
Have a great day xx

Love summer linens 🖤
Good morning and have a fabulous new week xx

Full black and white look
Accessorized with @dior 🤍
Favorite new sunglasses on 🤍

Socially distancing.
As all of the most popular places and streets here are almost empty, but always beautiful and super safe to walk around 🕊

Resting for a while

Just let them stare
Happy 1rst of July xx❤️

Just being a tourist in my own city. And I’m just loving it.💙
Greece has so many beautiful places, islands and cities I’ve never visited before. The difficult times that we’re still facing, makes traveling abroad so difficult right now. So it gives me the opportunity to explore a few unique and beautiful Greek destinations 🇬🇷

On a beautiful Sunday, feeling like an Greek old movie star, in one of the most well known places in the center of Athens. 🇬🇷 Happy Sunday xx
Actually I wish I could be there right now, instead of bed😔🤕

‘All is fair in love and games’
-unknown .
I would like to thank each of you for your thoughtful messages. They were overwhelming.🥺
We might not know each other but this shows that you really care and you are beautiful human beings!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart❤️
The photoshoot was made a while back.
Thank you @marinarouva for the tennis equipment ❤️

‘Wilderness touches the mind, heart and soul of each individual in a way known only to himself’
-Michael Frome
It’s a wild wonderful world.

Only good vibes only ❤️
Have a beautiful weekend xx

Daydreaming 🕊

Whether at home or at a beautiful hotel, lounging doesn’t have to be dull.
Lounging at the most iconic hotel in Athens @hotelgrandebretagne .
5⭐️ hospitality in all aspects.
Bravo and thank you to all the staff.

Black on black on black @dior .

Monday look. How do you feel about elevating your dress with a great pair of boots?
Have a great week xx

Details 🖤

It’s my way or the highway. 😉
Have a great weekend
Love xx

Glamming up my afternoons vol.3

Happiest hour. 📖 .
When you can’t choose just one shot

Sometimes in the absence of noise, you can find the answers.
I wish you a beautiful Sunday x

Tennis lessons 2🎾
Have a beautiful weekend xx

Sports do not built character. They just reveal it.-Heywood Broun .
Tennis lessons 🎾

You are straw-berry special
Can you get it?🍓 xx

Happiness comes in waves. So stay close to the shore.❤️
Summer is finally here!
Have a lovely 1rst of June x

Stop and smell the sea breeze. Nothing soothes the soul, like a walk by the sea.
Have a beautiful Sunday xx

Everything is in the details .

Just enjoy the silence.
My kind of absolute happiness 🤍
Friday vibes.
Have a beautiful weekend xx

The last days after all the things we’ve all been through, it got me thinking. Thinking about all the things I’ve been taking for granted my whole life.
My Freedom most of all. When you lose it, even for a short period of time, you start to cherish it all over again. You start to remember that real joy comes from the little things.
From that feeling, when the wind caresses your skin and goes through your hair.
The smell of the sea, when you close your eyes. The sound of the waves as they hit the shore.
Yes right now, I’m feeling good.
And the voice of Nina Simone in my head, the ‘I’m feeling good’ song, makes me smile.🤍
Enjoy the little things xx

Serenity after the storm🕊

Favorite details 🍓

I’m thankful for the sea breeze, that feels so good right now.🕊
Monday goals.
Have a beautiful new week x

Flowers bloom in the most unexpected places 🌼

‘Where flowers bloom, so does hope’. - Lady Bird Johnson
Have a beautiful weekend xx

On my birthday, the only thing that I would like to wish for, is to be surrounded by genuine people who can love me, just the way I am.🤍

Into the wild🌾
Finding small escapes next to home .

Heavenly orange

Enjoying the best time of the day.

Some might say, that this is the proper way to do the dishes😜
Have a great Monday xx

Those early summer vides🍉
Have a beautiful Sunday xx

Friday gardening uniform ;))
Have a beautiful and warm weekend xx

Summer is already here.
Yay! :))

Capture the moments that matter the most. May each day be a lesson to us all. 🤍
I do hope that this will pass soon and we’ll be able to capture new moments and explore new places.🕊 Good morning xx

Home chilling Sunday.
What’s your Sunday like?

When you can’t visit one of your favorite destinations, you bring a little piece of it with you. .
Italian mornings in bed with @acquadiparma_official and Mandorlo di Sicilia.
Buongiorno 🕊xx

Before quarantine, wondering if our reality will get back to normal again.
Have a beautiful week xx

Isolation can be creative.
Creative time spend with @hp

Coolest kid on the block kind of uniform 🍃
I wish you all a beautiful weekend🤍xx

Happy 1rst of May!!🌸🍀
Just had to try this.

Minty favorite details
Happy safe weekend 🤍 xx

Already feels like summer to me.
Who’s looking forward to warmer summer days?

Feeling good in a gorgeous @etro mens suit |
Underwear @lesgirlslesboys .
Currently sitting on my sofa living in my pjs while watching a movie.
What’s your current status? xx
Pre-quarantine shoot.

How I long for that beautiful Acropolis view from @hotelgrandebretagne
One thing is for sure.
I’m going to appreciate the little things more.
Have a great weekend guys xx
Pre-quarantine shoot

‘There is nothing truer in this world, than the love of a good dog.’ - Mira Grant
Can’t love him more❤️

Precious moments are small elements of time. 🕊
Now is the time to enjoy them.

‘I’ve always believed in savoring the moments. In the end they are the only things we’ll have.’ -Anna Godbersen

Happy Easter 🐰 guys xx

Stay active | look @dior .

In need of some quiet time 🕊

You can’t go wrong with monochrome.

Warmer weather nights.
Grateful for being healthy.

Purple always reminds me of lilies .
Happy Easter to my catholic friends 💜
This will also pass. Stay safe.
Lots of love xx

When the only current excitement in my life, is waiting for the postman with my packages. 😀

Taking daily exercise to a whole new level.
Maintaining my sense of humor. :) Which is definitely not easy some days.
Have a nice day guys. Stay safe xx

For the music lovers out there, a great pair of Earphones is all you need to get by our quarantine days.
Bring the joy of music to your home with @sudio .
The sound is fantastic, they’re wireless, comfortable to wear, and usable for up to 20 hours. Compatible with both iOS and Android. And not to mention so stylish to wear🤍
Use my code ‘oneangel.abroad15’ for a 15% off on everything on their website.

Staying home, playing dress up, keeping my positivity levels high🤍
Have a nice weekend guys. Hang in there xx

Talking a breath of fresh air much needed.

Talking a stroll in the garden in my high heels. And why not? ;))
Happy April fools’ day🤍 xx

Pearls and stripes.

Soaking up some vitamin D with the cutest puffy sleeved shirt.
Happy 🤍xx

What’s cooking with you today?
Note to myself in quarantine days:
It’s ok to stay on my couch doing nothing in my pjs. It’s ok to feel productive and positive. It’s ok to freak out sometimes. It’s ok to try to maintain my sense of humor. It’s ok to play dress up to keep my positivity.
Brighting up your

Home in the coziest knit ever 🤍
@sezane .

Good morning guys.
I know how difficult it is to stay home, especially for those who are not used to stay indoors.
But we’re in this together.
By staying in we are showing our respect for human life.
We have to contain this, so that life as we know can find its way back.
It’s not right to take life for granted.
Every little thing we do is for our own advantage.
We CAN do this.
Better days WILL come.
My love and respect for you all❤️.
Have a nice weekend xx

‘Remember, we are our own griefs, my dear, we are our own happinesses and we are our own remedies.’ ❤️
-Huseyn Raza

Running up and down the stairs is a great cardio. .
One can cope with his/her own confinement any way he/she can.
Hang in there. ❤️

Day dreaming of better days
Puffy sleeved jeweled dress @laskosofficial from an older collection but so up to date 🤍
Currently status, sitting on my sofa with my pjs. What’s your current status?

Always keeping up to date with what’s going on in our world.
Letting you know that I’m in my house safe, healthy and isolated.
But I also think, it’s ok to ‘escape’ spiritually and be distracted in a good way and think of better days, that I believe (as a positive person) will come.
I will be posting beautiful outfits that I’ve made and chose to wear and to allow myself to dream.❤️
I feel the need to thank @konstantinos_rs for always trying to do have my back.
@chrisa_var for helping me find my dream looks and for gaining a new friend.
@vasiliskagkelaris_pictures , a new member of our team, thank you for the beautiful shots.
Photo shoot made before the great measures our government took to reassure our safety.

Having fun at the fittings in the atelier of my friend @ginageo12 . One of the most talented people I know.❤️
Plus she’s a great photographer ;))

Art is a space in which freedom tests its wings.
Art is freedom. .
Ph @billyheis

May 2020 bring you everything 2019 didn’t.
It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day.
May happiness follow you every single day!
Thank you sooo much for the love, support and your kindness!
Love you all❤️

New Year’s Eve soon guys!
Champagne already popped!
Are you ready for 2020??
Cheers to a new year, full of hope and dreams!
May all of them, come true, to all of us♥️♥️♥️
Ph @billyheis
Mua @konstantinos_rs
St @chrisa_var

Any breaking news today?
Oh holidays are officially in! :))
Happy 1rst of December my lovelies! xx
Ph @billyheis
Makeup @konstantinos_rs

Stop living in the shadows of another. You’ve been given everything needed to live a purposed filled life. Don’t be a second rate version of yourself.
Ph @billyheis
Makeup @konstantinos_rs

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas❤️
Decorating the tree and the house for the holidays is half the fun of Xmas. I love decorating every corner myself.
For my Christmas decorating ideas more on my stories today ✨
Ph @billyheis
Makeup @konstantinos_rs
Hair @voula_ikonomaki_haireducator

This is the time to be jolly ✨
Xmas shoot at home, with the lovely Anastasia. She was such a professional model. Love her!❤️
As an architect/interior designer I love to decorate myself our house at Christmas! More decorative ideas soon on my stories.
Ph @billyheis
Makeup @konstantinos_rs
Hair @voula_ikonomaki_haireducator

When you don’t have time to change clothes after the gym and you definitely must go out for a drink. .
What’s more comfortable, yet sexy, definitely heads turning, outfit than this??
So loving my @cocomo_swimsuits active wear ❤️ Uplifting (in the right parts ;) , smooth like butter fabrics in gorgeous colors and combinations.
Pair them up with a coat, a pair of fancy earrings and your favorite bag and you’re good to go ;)
Ph @billyheis
Makeup @konstantinos_rs
Hair @mariannamalliou

The best nights are those spend with your loved ones. And yes, this little guy, I love him to the moon and back ❤️

Details | 30 Avenue Montaigne bag|sneakers|sunglasses @dior | leggings @cocomo_swimsuits

Cruise 2020 latest @dior collection. So fresh and colorful.
Frankly my dear, I fell in love.❤️
What’s your favorite look?? 1,2 or 3?
My favorite fashion meeting is with my lovely @dionisia.grigoratou .
Learned about the unique fabrics and details, and the inspiration behind this collection.
Some of my favorite outfits
Jumpsuit | Strapless dress | limited edition Boots | Gillet | Skirt | belt @dior
More on my highlights ‘Dior Resort’.

Beautiful total @dior look
from the fall’19 collection.
Strapless bodysuit | silk skirt | bag | boots (cruise’20 collection) @dior .

When you’re ready to go, but the weather doesn’t agree. These kind of days at home are my favorites. ;))
| Dress @leoniehanne by @amazonthedrop | Boots @jimmychoo by @kalogirou_official
Love this cotton dress with leather boots. Add a wool coat or teddy coat and you’re ready to go. .

Color blocking on a casual Tuesday.
| saddle bag|sneakers @dior | leggings|bralette @cocomo_swimsuits .
I wish you all a great week xx

Invited at a one of a kind masterclass.
@hermes Masterclass of the legendary Kelly bag.
Learning how the must-have bag is handmade, step by step, by one of Hermes fine artisans.
And as a bonus, personal lessons in stitching on a Hermes leather!
Nearly there...maybe I should consider a carrier change? ;))
(last pic)
Thank you @hermes Athens and @christina_martini and all the Hermes team for the fantastic experience!❤️
You were all amazing! xx

Amazing one of a kind @dior Cruise ‘20 collection. One word.
Je t’aime🖤

Tough cookie.
Ready for a new adventure . ✈️
Have a beautiful weekend my friends! xx

A little something to brighten my day ;)
So loving this bright pink jacket dress by one of my favorite girls in this industry @leoniehanne
I wish you all a lovely night xx
Photo @konstantinos_rs

Fall might be dull but your mood doesn’t have to be! Brighten your Monday with a bold color!
Have a beautiful dull free Monday! xx

Doing some much needed catching up with vitamin D ;) Have a beautiful Sunday xx
Photo @michalislavdiotis

I truly believe that a woman can be more than one thing at the same time.
Confident, funny, mysterious and so much more.
What’s your current mood? 1,2 or 3?
Happy Saturday! xx
Photo @michalislavdiotis

Leather is the new denim.
Couldn’t decide which one I like more, so I’ve posted both and let you, decide for me! 1 or 2? :))
Photo @michalislavdiotis
Editing @oneangel.abroad

‘Above all things, respect yourself’-Pythagoras
Lessons in Greek history.
Photo @michalislavdiotis .

Trend alert. Volume up.
Are you up for it?
Good morning guys!!
Love xx
Photo @michalislavdiotis

Stressed, blessed, plaid obsessed ;)) Who’s into plaids this fall? xx
Photo @michalislavdiotis

Fall is finally beginning to grow in me. Maybe now I can (slowly) let go of summer.
Have a beautiful 1rst of October!
Lots of love xx

Strutting into Monday attitude.
Keep your head up no matter what happens, because if it’s down, you won’t be able to see the blessings that have been placed in your life.
Good morning guys!
Love xx
Photo @michalislavdiotis

Recent relationship status.
Codependent on my saddle bags🤷🏼‍♀️
Photo @konstantinos_rs

Home, enjoying the last warm September days, and how to style my favorite @dior body.
Have a beautiful weekend!
Love xx

My favorite bag of last season, this season and the next seasons to come.
All time classic, that you can keep it up to date with just changing its strap🖤 @dior .

Puffy sleeves and favorite cowboy boots. Western fall vibes.
Have a beautiful day!
Love xx
Photo @michalislavdiotis

Fall doesn’t have to be dull.
Brighten your days with a pop of color.
Happy Monday! xx
Shot taken by an iPhone.

Always waiting anxiously for the next destination, the next adventure.
Always craving to discover new things, that will fill my heart with joy.
Always a kid at heart. ❤️

Fall moments.
In this life, you will find people who are going to take that extra mile with you. You will also find people who will let you down. You will be one day very happy and the next frustrated and disappointed. The trick is to relax, reflect and plan your next move. Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle.
Love ya xx

Strolling my hometown streets.
Sometimes we get so caught up in our every day life that we forget to enjoy the little things. A walk in your city. A coffee with a close friend (with a bit of shopping involved💳)or just a walk in the sunshine, is what recharges our batteries and make us stronger to face our daily difficulties.
Please don’t forget to ‘recharge’ 💛
Love xx

Back in town and reunited with my fashion favorite family @dior and my beloved @dionisia.grigoratou
More fall favorite updates on my stories soon
Love xx

Captured moments,
with sun as my filter and happiness as my favorite accessory :))
absolutely no filter ⛔️

𝔻𝕣𝕒𝕞𝕒 𝕕𝕣𝕒𝕞𝕒 𝕕𝕣𝕒𝕞𝕒 .
I don’t really understand how they manage to do these amazing dramatic poses..
Had to try though :)))
PS don’t try this at home 🚫 very uncomfortable

ℍ𝕚𝕕𝕕𝕖𝕟 ☀️ but always protected.

It is essential that we protect our skin during those hot summer days that are heading our way. Whether you are at sea or in the city, do not forget your sunscreen and hat, like never! ;))

𝕊𝕥𝕒𝕪𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕔𝕠𝕠𝕝.
enjoy the warm sun.

𝚃𝚒𝚙𝚝𝚘𝚎𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚒𝚗𝚝𝚘 𝚜𝚞𝚖𝚖𝚎𝚛. .

@dior swimsuit and sunglasses

𝙵𝚎𝚎𝚕𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚎𝚡𝚝𝚛𝚊
on a Monday morning.
Have a great one guys. xx

𝕊𝕥𝕒𝕣𝕥 𝕪𝕠𝕦𝕣 𝕕𝕒𝕪 𝕨𝕚𝕥𝕙 𝕒 𝕤𝕞𝕚𝕝𝕖
Trust me it mends everything.
Have a beautiful Sunday xx

𝙸𝚗𝚝𝚘 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚠𝚒𝚕𝚍𝚎𝚛𝚗𝚎𝚜𝚜 🌾 @dior .

I don’t really like to smile in front of the camera (as you have noticed🤭) but this little guy (who is doing much better) makes me so happy!!
I just wanted to share! :))
Happy Friday loves!

The color you choose to wear shows the mood you are in.
ℝ𝕖𝕕 is demanding attention. It’s aggressive and passionate.
What’s your current color mood?
Happy colorful day xx .

Thank you for taking the time to send me all your beautiful wishes for my birthday. I’m absolutely over the moon about it💛
Literally happy and blessed.

Birthday mood!!! Yayyy .

Casual warm (yay) first day of the week.
Happy Monday guys!! x .

Sunny Seaside Sunday Stroll.
sssshh 🤫 got the hint? :)))

Maybe a bit excessive but I’m really loving this logomania vibe.
When it’s too much with @chanelofficial anyway?🤷🏼‍♀️

Fabulous new details @dior .

Does anyone think that florals aren’t sexy? (switch for the cutest photobomber ever!💛plus video)

Blessed to be calling this beautiful sunny country, home.
Happy Sunday xx

This is how I love to style a simple black dress.I’m usually all up for comfort. :)
How to style a black dress vol.2:
Wear it with a pair of sneakers, a wide leather belt, and a crossbody bag. Perfect for daytime.
Accessories @dior 💄 @konstantinos9 .

Shadows and a summer dress.
Summer has always been my favorite season.💛 What’s yours fav season? .
💄 @konstantinos9

‘Color is everything. Black and white is more’ - Dominic Rouse
Everything is in the details. ⚫️⚪️

I was made for Greek sunny days.
What are you made for? :)
Accessorized by @dior .
💄 @konstantinos9 .

How to wear a black cotton
dress vol.1:
Spice up your black dress with a unique belt, a pair of cowboy boots and you are ready to go ;)
Details: @dior belt, bag, jewelry and sunglasses, @fendi boots .
💄 @konstantinos9

I’m walking on sunshine with my favorite spring accessory @dior belt bag

Video edited by me.

Opposite directions⬅️➡️
But love nevertheless.
Details: @dior bag, bracelets and necklaces, @josephfashion fav leather leggings, @hm oversized cotton coat

Squeeze the day 🍋
Happy 1rst of April you guys!!

Details: @dior shawl, bag, belt, necklaces and sunglasses, @hermes shirt, @josephfashion favorite leather leggings.

You can’t have this🚫
Gorgeous new @dior book tote

Me all smiles, when the sun comes out. :)))
With or without coat?

‘Don’t you ever stand in somebody else’s shadow.’ -Unknown
Although this neon coat stands out everywhere ;) In love.

Short hair again.

Details: @dior sunglasses, necklace, earrings, bracelets, scarf, top and belt , @zadigetvoltaire old denim jacket, @zara skort .

Hey sun.
Shine for me please.

Ready for a night out and about.
Are you?🍸
Details: @dior headband, belt bag, pumps and earrings.
’ve got positive answers for both pics, I’ve posted both versions of the shoot. Thank you for your lovely answers!💛xx

‘Stair-cased’ :) details @dior

A shirt that goes with everything is a keeper. @dior .

One of my favorite combo.

Feeling blessed for everything.

‘Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breathe and have faith that everything will work out for the best.’ -Unknown .
Current mood in a favorite outfit.

Find your center.
Balance your life.

‘and suddenly life turns you upside down, and you found out that this is the right way.’ -Unknown.

It’s all a matter of perspective.

‘No fashion is ever a success unless it is used as a form of seduction.’
-Christian Dior

Hidden behind a timeless piece @dior

A girl in these clothes can only be one thing. Happy. @dior

For those warm spring kind of days.

‘..I was rich, if not in money, in sunny hours and summer days..’ - Henry David Thoreau

Warm spring sun, surrounded by nature.
What more can a person need to feel good?

‘Style is a way to say who you are, without having to speak.’ -Rachel Zoe
Well, I guess you could say I’m complicated..
Details: @dior all

Spring warm wind. (Had to repost this outfit again💙)

‘I love the feeling of the fresh air on my face and the wind blowing through my hair.’ -E. Knievel
Who doesn’t?

Matching my background.
Toile de jouy is my absolutely fav.
What’s your fav Dior collection?

Photo shoot interrupted.
Me trying to look super serious, while my boy wanted a hug :)))💚

Spring finally came and filled my heart with joy :))
@dior outfit, @toryburch sneakers

‘There is a shade of red for every woman.’ - Audrey Hepburn

‘Keep fighting and rise above the negativity’-Unknown .
Army ready. ;)

8 is my lucky number.
What’s yours?

I find my happiness where the sun shines.

Close and closer .

’When in doubt, wear Red’ -Bill Blass
Red. All.

Trying desperately to feel a spring vibe when the temperature is 4C but feels like -1C.
Loving the new green.

’You usually have to wait, for something worth waiting for’-Unknown .
I am terrible at waiting

Got myself a bit of sunshine.
How can you not love this beautiful skirt by @tobamscolors ? Tobams Colors is a designer company that caught my eye because of its vibrant African colors. What I really love about them is that they donate 10% of all sales to charity, to the Laughing Women organization ( )

Love this fluo color trend

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