Hi there!

My name is Angelik, a Greek girl, who l(i)oves to travel. I’m also, totally obsessed (in a good way of course lol) with fashion. I’m an architect, who used to co-own an interior design firm in Dubai, called AA Interiors and a passionate painter. I love to paint abstract design paintings with a touch of pop up art (absolutely love vibrant colors!!) and a proud participant of Art Dubai exhibitions.

After spending almost half of my life travelling too much back and forth for business, I’ve realized that what really makes me happy is to hop-on a plane and travel constantly!

Every time I get on a plane, I feel the same excitement I felt on my first ever trip. I love to hand pack all my luggages (which are always a lot, lol ) and to prepare each and every outfit for every single day of my trips. Well yes, I’m a little bit of a control freak..! I like, almost everything, to be organized! Almost…lol.

My love for fashion on the other hand, is the story of my life, allow me to say it’s in my DNA. Even as a child I wanted to pick my own clothes, with great success, I’ve been told! ;)

I don’t really like to strictly follow trends, but more to “marry” them with my own personal style & character. Everything you’ll see me wear, are my own precious possessions, unless stated otherwise.

I like to “invest” in clothes and accessories that are timeless (most of them) pieces, that can be worn or held, for many many years to come. I have a collection of bags, which I absolutely love, obtained through out two decades. I’m actually really proud of my bag collection, which I will show you later on. Well, fashion ‘stole’ my heart… and my money!!!

So… this is me! But now let me tell you what my blog will be all about…
Well, my two passions of course! Fashion and travel!

More specifically, I would like to give you tips and my personal point of view, about all the countries, towns and places I have been and will be visiting in the future.

Tips, about things that are interesting to do and places to visit. Restaurants, small coffee shops, brasseries etc. that are wonderful to go and enjoy a tasty bite or drink and shops/boutiques that are excellent in service. Last but not least, I will personally choose clothes and accesories of high-end brands and mix them with main-street ones and try to create styles that are flattering and chic 24/7!

And all these through my personal fashion sense and style. So please buckle up and join the ride!!!

Thank you so much for joining!

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