I love this place…like always and forever ❤️🐭💫happiest place on earth!
Here my inner child runs wild and I’m so carefree and really happy 🥰 at the newly renovated Disneyland hotel
BTW I have created the same outfits I wore sometime ago and wore them in the same place! Fun never ends here!!

Wearing my favourite dress and feeling oh so good walking around Paris 🇫🇷
I have a thing for silver 🩶 >

Standing still, enjoying the fresh breeze…
As you can tell by the last photo 🥶😄 everything for fashion!

The upside of my day, I’ve made a new friend ❤️🐶

Feeling confident and empowered in a world wrapped in red.

Don’t be afraid to be bold, confident and proud of yourself ❤️
Happy Women’s Day to all the ladies out there!❤️

When I look at you, I can feel it.
I look at you and I’m home.❤️💍

Amazing Video by @one_wedding_house
(Short version-teaser)

Coming out of the shadows, feeling mysterious in black silhouette vibes.
It’s always 👌🏿 with @coperni (fav dress)

Photography @oryol.karyna

Exploring the Big Apple with my extraterrestrial charm👽🩶

@oryol.karyna 📷🩶

Getting ready for the best day of the rest of my life💍🤍 I’m calm and emotional and happy and excited!! All these emotions overwhelmed me 🥹

I would like to thank my best friend @eilirjani for getting us married and for your amazing humour, my mum who’s more nervous than me😀❤️, my ‘sister’ for 25 years @valentina__cho - being there for me was very important and appreciated ❤️
Thank you my brother Ioakeim for being here and walking me down the aisle🥹, and all the rest of family for being here with me ❤️
And last but not least, my husband @evangelos.karas for loving me so very much, that he agreed to everything I ask for on this day!!😄❤️

A very special thanks to my NYC friend @oryol.karyna for taking amazing photos ❤️

Wedding dress @maxmara
Shoes @maisonvalentino
Coat @anastasiia_mokko
Flowers @petridiscreations
Wedding rings @boldbyangelique
Tuxedo, shirt @boss
My hair @massimo.guala
Makeup @anna.makeup.nyc

I’m so loving monochromatic looks! They check every box, low-effort, fashion forward, and chic🩶 do you agree?xx

Tips: When it comes to style solutions that check every box (low-effort, fashion forward, and chic as I said before😍) monochrome outfits continue to reign supreme!!!
Royals have long embraced the style (oftentimes, literally from head to toe), and costume designers employ monochromatic dressing to quickly convey wealth and power on screen.

New York City looks🍎depending on the mood not the weather ❄️😄
What’s your favourite??
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…etc

Red is the ultimate cure for everything ❣️

I love how @oryol.karyna creates art. These photos exude passion, darkness, sexiness, so many emotions 🔥

From a photoshoot I had a few years back for a Greek bridal designer.
Who knew that I would be wearing a wedding dress at my own wedding?! 🥹 life is full of surprises

I’m having a small intimate (just us) wedding in NYC, the most exciting city in the world 🇺🇸with a man I really want to spend my life with!
And I know that the people who love me will be very happy for me ❤️ love you all xx

Just taking a moment to rest and recharge for more adventures ahead! 2024 it’s going to be a great year🤞🏼🧿🥰

Just a casual winter day in New York 🤍

Trousers off last year's trend, are making a stylish comeback in 2024!!
Stay ahead of the fashion game and rock your favorite pair of hot shorts with tights and lots of confidence!

This photoshoot is very different than what I usually post. I like to post images that capture my sense of fashion, because I’m always styling myself.

I choose this girl @oryol.karyna because I think she saw the real me and what I felt that exact moment.

She’s an artist & through her melancholic (for me) images, she tries to capture the soul of her subjects, as well as her inner self which is a very sensitive girl.
She should definitely have an art gallery exhibition!
Thank you for the collaboration ❤️

You can’t get a better background than this 🤍🇺🇸
> 📷

Time to conquer the day with a dose of caffeine and a smile.

Happy Wednesday, everyone xx❤️

Counting down the moments 'til midnight, and feeling so ready for the New Year!!!

Let's make it a year filled with love, laughter, and endless adventures!
Lots & lots of love ❤️ xx

Never stop chasing your dreams, because they hold the key to your brightest future!❤️

Feeling fluffy and bright, ready to conquer the day!

BTW how beautiful is the Dior installation at @saks ??!

Roaring into NYC with this fierce animal print coat right out of the runaway @rotatebirgerchristensen
Who’s ready to unleash their inner beast?!?🤎🇺🇸

Something red for Christmas ❤️❤️

May our lives be blessed with health & happiness & kindness!

Merry Christmas to all my fabulous insta fam!!!
Wishing you all the joys and blessings of this holiday season! Enjoy the cozy vibes, delicious treats, and endless love surrounding you❤️
Cheers!! xx

Thank you for the warm hospitality @cadillachotelmiamibeach

Feeling the radiant vibes with this stunning red and gold combination!
Who else loves this
rich and festive color duo?
Fine jewellery in gold & rubies @boldbyangelique

An afternoon stroll at the Miami marina, making new friends❤️

In a Golden State of mind

Golden State of Mind is the mental state created when diversity, creativity, and optimism collide! All things can be Golden💛

The last one is definitely my mood lately . Miami vibes babe!!❤️

Being for the first time in Miami is a dream come true!
Having @eilirjani by my side as my new partner in my fine Jewelry line @boldbyangelique is more than I could ever ask for!❤️
There must be someone “up there” that’s helping me achieve my life dreams🕊️
Thank you daddy 🥹❤️

Grateful for @alexandramas_artist for including me in her beautiful performance “Androgynous Symposium” with @eilirjani at @artbasel . Equality is a strong message for the world.
“Together as ONE we can achieve so much more “👊🏼

In a festive mood!! Thank you @trafalgarsw1 for the hospitality 🖤
Happy first of December xx

PantsOFF because women can pull off everything 🖤😉

Who can ask for a better night background than this?? Loooove Burj al Arab at night 💜
An all black leather look, paired with gold @boldbyangelique jewellery makes me feel 💪🏼

Afternoon boat rides 😍🤍

Who’s ready for a night out?? I am!!

Follow me to the desert.

Feeling extremely happy here, running on the sand, driving around sand-hills and watching the sun setting🤎
Had an absolute amazing time at the

Favourite shoot, favourite place, favourite time of the day 🤎

Desert attitude 🤎

A total black look is always a favourite choice 🖤

Always look for the Silver lining🩶

Total silver looks are trending right now. Are you up for it??

Dubai has my heart🇦🇪❤️

Favourite Look @prada

One amazing night in

One fine day in

One beautiful day in Paris 🩷

When in Santorini. The most beautiful place in Greece 💛

Custom dress by @parisvaltadoros

When in Paris shooting my earlier @boldbyangelique collection with @menelaos.v fun times!

Thinking of releasing this collection again! But reinvented! What do you think guys??
Please VOTE in my stories! I could really use your help ❤️

Its a @maxmara kind of never ending summer

Happy 1rst of September xx

My favourite brand this year, from the reinvented pieces to the amazing customer service (in Athens) I’m simply in love 🤎 @louisvuitton

All look @louisvuitton

Always love a @prada preppy look 🩵

Happy Sunday everyone xx

Friday early dinner plans

Happy weekend to all the beautiful people out there xx

Blown away by this amazing place 📍 Santorini
At @astrasuites

This is how a casual day in Mykonos looks like 🩶

Last days to get your hands on my fine jewellery collection
@boldbyangelique exclusively in Mykonos at @jackieoboutique

This year I’ve gained a few kilos and a love so real, that it makes me feel incredibly lucky❤️I feel healthier and happier!

Lost in a barbie’s world 🩷

As the sun sets on this fine summer day, I feel the need for some glam🤍
Happy weekend you beautiful people xx

Jewlery selective collection @boldbyangelique at @calilo_ios

Hello August 🩵
It feels like heaven has touched earth @astrasuites

Every Sunday should be like this 🤍
How’s your Sunday so far?

Summer stroll in a silk lingerie dress that’s back in fashion.
Love this time of the year.
How about you?

Random pics of a day well spend 🩵

Happy under the sun, but always protected with @diorbeauty plus scented with jasmine 🤍

New ‘Dior Solar’
•The protective oil 15SPF
•The protective cream 50SPF

Mediterranean summer always 🍋 @dolcegabbana x @hotelcaladivolpe

When in Italy 🇮🇹 I’m coming back this year for a very special occasion 🤫💍

Right out of a Greek movie💙

Sun setting in the most beautiful pink hues. Feeling extremely lucky 💕

Dress @aspronisi_boutique

Cheers to all the beautiful moments in our lives.
May we all have many💚

Resortwear set @aspro_nisi

Happy World Environment Day💛

Effortless Elegance @fendi

What’s more chic than a total black look?! Volume is the key🖤

Space jam 🛸

Love a good red lipstick @diorbeauty

Dior has created a sophisticated black clutch bearing the Christian Dior initials that reflects the savoir-faire of the House. This beautiful case can be used as an evening clutch too!!❤️

With a detachable lipstick holder and chain strap for versatile wear, this refined accessory includes a Rouge Dior lipstick and 3 refills for everyday & night makeup looks✨

Never loose your smile, even on a rainy day 💚

Yellow mellow 🍋 at the Louvre and the cold is real…

The perfect way to spice up a good black suit…💎

Strolling around Paris
with @ysl

Post dedicated to my latest obsession with blazers & wide leg trousers 🧡🖤

Love everything sparkling 🤍

A beautiful cold spring day in Paris
One of my favourite places 🇫🇷

Thank you @ritzparis for having me 💙 your hospitality & staff are beyond words! Feeling home away from home 🇫🇷

So happy to be in London 🧡

One of my favourite looks

A post in honor of the pioneer @pacorabanne 🤍🕊️

(Photographed at -3❄️)

Bonjour from Paris 🇫🇷
Enjoying every single moment 🧡 @maxmara

Walking in the right direction @chanelofficial
Actual fact: Keep trying to get that perfect shot 🤭

Thank you vic❣️

Standing with the lions 🖤

Animal instincts kicking in.
Love this combo so much🤎🧡

These should be exhibited in a museum 🖤

New @dior collection exclusively at @harrods

Love a great black oversized suit with a bit of silver sparkle 🖤
Jewlery @boldbyangelique
Suit @ysl

Happy 2023!!!✨
Be Bold.
Be Daring.

Dare to be yourself.
Angelique ❤️

Jewlery @boldbyangelique

2023 is going to be oh so extra💖💖

Happy New Year’s Eve to all of you!!
Thank you for your love & support throughout 2022 and your positive vibes💕
Truly blessed.
Love you all xx

With the angels 🤍

The best Christmas holidays destination is London always for me🇬🇧

When @harrods collaborate with @dior to bring the joy of the Christmas holidays to London, beautiful things happen 🖤
Exclusive @dior collection only at @harrods

Have yourself a merry merry Christmas ✨
I wish you feel loved, be healthy & be as happy as possible these Christmas ❤️
Love you all xx

Rain or shine keeping my head up❤️

Private tour of the @dior Gallery museum at 30 Montaigne Avenue 🇫🇷

More in my stories ❤️

Belles nuits parisiennes🇫🇷

Feeling like sunshine on a rainy day 🧡
Bonjour xx

Mood booster 🍊
Happy Monday guys xx

Nights in the city of love 🇫🇷
In @carolinaherrera
(Date night with you❤️)

Favourite little black dress on, on my way to @ysl presentation in Paris 🖤

Women can conquer the world🖤 with the right attitude
Look @muglerofficial

‘Think of me as the Barbie, you’ll never get to play with…’😜💗
Barbie vibes in @maxmara

All leather power look on my way to @nanushka show in Paris

Favourite winter palette 🕊

Wearing the perfect pair of jeans
Full look @maxmara

Happiest of all colors 🧡

Dare to dream big, is my 2022 moto.
So proud of what I have achieved so far, blessed to have cross paths with beautiful souls, work with talented people ❤️
Exciting new things are coming soon!!
@boldbyangelique Fine Sustainable jewelry collection

Ph @georgediamantis

Feeling girly today 🖤

Last days of summer.
At my favorite time of the day🧡

You can never go wrong with @dior

Denim is a love that never fades @maxmara

White summer 🕊

Friday: Lounging in Dior

Shades of blue

I’ve fallen and… I don’t want to get up 💙🏹


When a simple dress can make you feel like a million bucks 💎 @pacorabanne

I like to wear red in a world that often appears black and white.♥️

Sip.. back and relax

It’s never too early for a cocktail 🍸
Cheers to a lovely Sunday xx

Embracing my inner orange
Btw love this combo so much! 🍊🎀

Happy Sunday xx🧡

Living my life with passion and color 🌈
How do you live yours??xx

THE perfect dress❤️‍🔥

It’s a good week to have a good week 😍

Bringing the best Italian vibes, right in the middle of Athens @dolcegabbana

Dolce&Gabbana pays once again, homage to the ancient majolica art from Caltagirone in a collection with brilliant shades of white and the deepest of blues.💙🤍

Photo @georgediamantis
Assist @vasilis_vyrgiotis

There’s nothing better than black & white

Happy Monday xx🖤

Black is my happy color @okuhotels

Happy Friday xx🖤

Found this in my archives.
Loving the vibe🖤

Missing these…
Perfect moments ❤️

Living in black🖤

Always a sunset lover 🧡

Somewhere between downstairs & upstairs

Always start your day with something nutritious 🍉

Windy @gucci

Happy 1rst of summer ☀️

When my fine jewelry collection @boldbyangelique is associated with quality music, miracles do happen!!
(Swipe right ⬅️)
@dimosanastasiadisofficial is one of my favorite Greek singer/song writer. Thank you for the trust my darling.

Collaboration with director @yiannispapadakos was simply a dream!
The video clip took place in Venice, which was my choice since is forever in my heart .
Special thanks to my @roy_pispa (model)
Mua @konstantinos_rouvas
Assist @vasilis_vyrgiotis
More on my stories SOON!!!

Watch the clip
on YouTube now!!

Finally summer ☀️

We were born to be untamed & free 🖤

Birthday mood❤️🎊🇮🇹
Getting older is an adventure!!

So in love with Rome❤️

Creativity is intelligence having fun.
Pop art in @parisvaltadoros

In love with this print💙💜🧡

Greek💙college girl vibes!

It’s the time for crop shirts & short skirts

White on white🕊

I prefer living in color

Right in the center of a city filled with beautiful people🖤

Full look @prada

Capture the moment, between moments. 📱

Animal instincts kicked in

Current mood 😍🙂😇

Living in a colorful chaos🙃

On a dull day, live a colorful life 💚💜

Happy Easter to my orthodox friends xx

GO for BOLD. Always

My new fine jewelry favorite ECLIPTIC collection @boldbyangelique

“She loves the serene brutality of the ocean, loves the electric power she felt with each breath of wet, briny air.”
-Holly Black

Last day of coat season, hopefully 🤞🏼
Makeup @thomas_katsalis
Hair @mariannamalliou

Beloved comfort @hermes

Looking for these for a while 🤎Thank you

Keeping it chic & casual
with timeless @hermes

Venice will always be close to my heart 🤎

Being as smooth as silk

Current obsession @prada ⚡️

The sunny weather in Venice, got me like 🏃🏼‍♀️

Daydreaming about living here🧡

Happy Sunday xx

Venice you’ll always have my heart 💜

I’m a black and white kind of girl, living in a colorful world 🖤🤍

Emerald city💎
@swarovski new favorite collection full of vibrant colors 💚

The future is Green 💚

That feeling of absolute happiness ❤️
Feeling loved.

All jewelry @boldbyangelique

Coffee in style☕️

Since it opened in 1720 Caffè Florian has always been the only place to be.🖤

No one forgets the first glimpse of Venice🖤

Great decisions are often taken at crossroads🚷

In order to be an icon, you need to be bold. ✌🏼

Bold combinations on Monday. 💛💚💖
Happy new week xx

Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink!🎀

Keep your soul clean and your boots dirty

I’ve run out of captions, but not photos ☺️
@dior full look

Happy Monday guys xx

‘Elegance is all about being remembered’

From the amazing ‘Paris mon amour’ shooting for my @boldbyangelique jewelry collection 👑📸

Not your classic Valentine’s Day look😉🖤
Feeling loved today !!

J’adior @dior
Loving yourself is always a priority.

Daydreaming of a greener future 💚

These boots are made for posing💙 @dior

Adventure is just outside your window 🪟!
Mornings in @dior

Stop calling on my telephone ☎️, cause I am kinda busy

Because BLACK will always be my happy color 🔥🖤

Have yourself a fantastic Saturday night xx❤️‍🔥

"I am allowed to look sexy, feel sexy, and be in love. I am worthy of all those things. And so are you."❤️

Happy 1rst of Feb beautiful people xx

Stay Golden @dior Cruise’22

Some people come into our lives to make us step outside our ‘safe’ boxes.
Don’t be afraid to dare to.
Do something uncomfortable today by stepping out of your comfort zone.
You don't have to settle for what you are - you get to create who you want to become! 🕊

Sitting in a car watching the @dior SPRING-SUMMER 2022 HAUTE-COUTURE SHOW in a snowy blizzard❄️

The show was out of this world 🖤🤍
Black & white creations
with beautiful embroidery.
Minimal & oh so chic as always

Highlights in my stories

‘It's not possible to experience constant euphoria, but if you're grateful, you can find happiness in everything.’
SPA escape @euphoriaretreat

Defying cold with a warm heart (mood)❤️

No one is too old for fairytales ❤️🐭

Staying golden, in the most magical place 💫

Have a magical week my beautiful people xx

Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, you get to live a fairytale.

Wearing the dreamiest dress in the dreamiest city🤍
2 piece haute couture dress @taniachristoforatou

Most photographed spot in Paris 🤎

Neutral point of view

Matchy matchy @fendi

Fendi obsession

It was a perfect day

Happy Saturday xx🤎

Holidays are almost over.
Time for some favorite loungewear @dior

Until you spread your wings, you will have no idea how far can you fly 🦋

Stepping into 2022 with my head & heart up in the sky!🕊

(So so proud of all the things I have accomplished so far, and thankful to my kickasss team!!❤️)

A Sparkling competition
me against the Eiffel Tower
Who do you think won??😜

Happy New Year 🥰 to all the beautiful people inside/out !!!!!!✨✨

Just a casual day in my favorite city 🇬🇧
with @hermes

Dear Santa. I’ve been really good this year. May I please have a great car?
Actually not just a car. All I want for Christmas it’s a Bentley…!

@bentleymotors the ultimate luxury🤍

It’s Christmas Eve!!!
It’s the one night of the year, when we can all act a bit nicer, smile a little easier, & chear a little more.
For a couple of hours out of the whole year, we are the people that we always hoped we would be..!!
Love you all xox❤️

Who’s ready for Xmas??
I am sooo ready & happy & excited❤️❤️

Determined to fight the London’s freezing weather with some ‘light’ shopping …😜😎
Always @dior 🤍
Happy Saturday xx

Stay golden ✨

Can’t say no, to a @fendi everything black look

Happy Monday xx

What a beautiful sunny December day for a walk in London.
Wearing white after Labor Day 🤫
@thefrankieshop oversized blazer & shorts

In -2 looking as fab as possible 😅🥶
Look @dior

Sparkling luxury with @dior time pieces, with black diamonds & brilliant 3 karats stones

Merry in @dior fine jewelry

Standing with the angels

Paris j’adore ❣️

Winter whites in freezing beautiful London ❄️
In @fendi

Obsessed with color blocking 💜💚

Falling into a green state of mind 🟢

One last round of ✨ @prada

Happy Friday xx

The light is so much better in Paris💙

Enjoy every single moment of your life 💚

On a sunny day in Paris

Love bringing colors into my life lately 💚💙

Feeling kind of cool

Happy Monday xxx❣️

Xmas holidays are just around the corner!!
Ready for a black-tie event?

At @isabelmarant show
Met @tamara for the first time ❤️ love that super polite, beautiful girl
PS. Tried your pose at the end 🤭😅 @tamara ❤️

Favorite black look🖤
Edgy runaway look @prada

‘Checking’ out Paris 😉💚

Careless days in Paris
in @prada

At @lavenue_paris attending the new Miss Dior parfum launch .

Tip: Ate the most delicious desserts EVER..!! Turn for details 💕

Outside @dior show
Meeting stylish people & seeing celebrities. This is the amazing

Favorite uniform on.

Who watched online, yesterday’s @dior Spring/Summer’22 fashion show?
Stay tuned for more insights soon ❤️

Favorite power suit on✔️
Power walk ✔️

Happy Friday xx

When in Rome 💙

Stick to the classics

With a laid-back feel and day-to-night versatility, flared jeans are this season’s favorites pieces!

Working 9-5?
Power suit on ladies! If you’re into trends, this is a must do look for fall21. Monochromatic, easy, powerful.
Happy Saturday!!

One of the best days of my summer. Feeling careless, excited to be here again after 2 years & happy to be amongst beautiful people 💙

Black is my happy color this fall.
It helps that’s trending now & during the whole winter 🖤

Cruising around Venice’s canals, taking pictures and being so so happy!
That was a day well spend ❤️

On the bridge where the angels sat 🖤
Happy Monday!

Ready for early drinks because ‘La vita è bella’🇮🇹

Look via @netaporter

Black brings sexy back🖤

A silk dress can get you places

Forever in love with 🇮🇹Outside Colosseum in favorite fall neutrals

Due to upcoming September a preppy college look was essential @dior 😊